Newsletter 24.5.13

Sorry for the late upload!

Friday 24th May



Dear Parents,

What a way to end a very busy term with a day of throwing water balloons at our numbers and counting tadpoles! This week we had our butterflies hatch out and the chicks have grown feathers. We have finished our class information book about chickens “Chick, Chick, Chicken information” and it will be available for reading after half term.

Today we planned what we wanted to do in our last term in Class Jonah. Watrch the blog for the planing picture. We have decided we want to learn about lots of things like the Titanic, the sea, pirates, boats, fish, ice cream, whales, mermaids and many more things. So we decided to do a topic about the sea. After half term we are going to have a few role-plays. Our first one will be a seaside and possibly a pirate ship in the Investigation Area. So if you have anything at home that might come in handy please bring it in. Rememeber to put your name on it though!


How can you help at home?

  • Continue to keep using our big brains by pratising our sounds, writing, reading, counting and writing our numbers.



Exciting news! We will be having a couple of trips this half term, letters will be coming out soon. Our first will be to watch the live version of ‘Tiddler’ written by Julia Donaldson at Buxton Opera House on Friday 21st June.

There will be a special Father’s Day on Friday 14th June, book it off now Dad’s! We have lots of fun things planned for you to do. J


Have a lovely half term.

Miss Irwin, Miss Kippen and Mrs Brammeld

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