Newsletter 10.5.13

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Dear Parents,

WOW! WE’VE HAD BABIES! This week has been amazing we’ve watched chicks hatching and we’ve seen them grow from hours old to days old. We have had whole mornings of ‘chick watch!’ and some of the work we have produced has been amazing. We have drawn pictures and written labels and sentences with WOW words about our chicks. We also had a day when we did egg bobbing to see if the eggs that hadn’t hatched had any chicks left in them, unfortunately some did which meant the chicks had died. But we now know how the circle of a chicks life works and we know that sometimes some eggs won’t hatch because the chicks just weren’t big enough or strong enough. It’s been a very inspiring and thoughtful week in Class Jonah.J

Next week we will be practising our Pictograms and we will name our chicks. As we can’t keep all the chicks, we will be giving some away to good homes. This means will be deciding how we are going to interview our prospective adopting parents and what questions we will need to ask. We will also be practising our May Day dancing for Saturday. Miss Irwin and Class Jonah are very excited to experience their first May Day!

How can you help at home?

  • Practise the new sound split vowel digraph ‘o-e’.
  • In our maths we have been recording how to do Pictograms of our favourite things. You could practise at home making charts, by drawing pictures of favourite family meals and counting which is the favourite.
  • Keep practising the high frequency words reading and writing.Year 1 days coming up soon and Mr Robinson will want to see how big our brains are.


Does anybody have Olivia’s cardigan at home? Please have a check to see if you have.

May Day next week and all clothes will be going home during the week for children to have at home, to be dressed in at home, to come ready on Saturday for the procession.

Have a nice weekend.

Miss Irwin, Miss Kippen and Mrs Brammeld

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