Camouflage and bird hides!

What a start to the new term we’ve had!  We came into our classroom to find an incubator waiting for eggs to be put in. Miss Irwin says were going to put them in on Wednesday and hopefully on a few weeks we will have chicks!



We also found a letter from Percy to tell us he had got us some things for our new topic.We found a box in his shed with binoculars, spotter bird dials, a bird feeder clip boards for our bird spotter cards and a bird watchers hat.



He left us a list of things to do before we could set up our bird hide! So this afternoon we tidied up the sheds, tools and moved our planted sunflowers into the new greenhouse.

In the new green house Percy has put us some strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes. Fahren has also brought us some seeds more vegetable seeds to plant. Fahren has been very busy this half term holiday and made some bird houses with his Grandad, we are thinking of putting them in the or around the investigation area.

After tidying up some of us started to make the shed more camouflaged. We decided we wanted to paint it with similar brown and green paint and to cover some of the shed with material.





In Percy’s letter he also mentioned he has got us some caterpillars to watch grow and turn into butterflies. Were now just waiting for them to arrive!
We also decided what we want to put in the Investigation Area with Mrs Jones. We wanted to put some bird food out to attract the birds.







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