Parents Afternoon- Thursday 28th February

This afternoon we had some of Class Jonah’s Mummies and Daddies come in and spend some time with us.

We told them what we were learning in our topic and  that this week we were learning about skeletons. We showed them our Skeleton Dance.

To practise our Doctors and Nurses skills, mummies and daddies had to pretend they had something wrong with them and we had to guess what it was.

We put our work uniforms on and set to solving our patients ailments. Some parents got more injuries and illnesses diagnosed than they originally went into the Doctors with!! Mrs Brammeld had a sore ear but got her other ear, jumper and knee diagnosed also. Evie’s mummy had a sore finger but also had her mouth and nose plastered as she needed to stop talking as much-thanks Nurse Savannah for spotting this! 🙂 Becky’s mummy had a cold and Fahren’s Dad had a lot of injuries to his head and that was to name but a few. We made sure we gave some good advise like resting their legs and knees that were hurting and to keep the bandages on for 10 days and 10 nights.

After the surgery we showed mummies and daddies  what we like to play with in our learning environment. Then after playtime we had reading time which we really enjoyed.

Thank you to all the parents who came today we had lots of fun, we hope you did too!

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