New free websites for maths

On Miss Irwin’s trip to the big City she met a lot of people. These people had some very exciting ideas and Miss Irwin has decided to try a few out.

Miss Irwin would like us to try some new games out and give her some feedback about them. Below are some links to follow to play some games.



This is a game from the same people who make bugclub. On this page are some free games of different skills an ability. Try brick blaster 1.



This website gives you a list of areas we will be covering in Reception. You can click on the different links and have a go at simple questions. We can not play this on our own we will need adult help to read the questions. But it is good for our families to see what we can do and what they can help us with at home.


Other resources

There’s always  if we don’t like the others and we are now pros at navigating this website so can work this on our own. If you need to access the website ask Miss Irwin for help. Follow the link to find sheets you can print out to practise writing numbers. Play games on the BBC website for adding and taking away. Lots of games for maths of all different levels. Try whack a mole, counting caterpillar and funny fingers.

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