Scientific-builder brains!

WOW! What an afternoon we’ve had. Our brains were officially on Fire!


This afternoon we looked at all the different things on our list that could make the sound of rain inside our rain sticks and set to making them. We had to use our scientist brains to think about how to solve the problems of making the sound of rain with the objects and we had to use our builders brain to think about how to keep them in the inside the tube and make it into a rain stick. We couldn’t use Miss Irwin’s brain, Miss Kippen’s brain or Mrs Heaps brain because they’d turned off their scientific builders button, so they could only help us if we asked them too.



By the end of the afternoon we had all made our rain sticks. Some of us used just one type of objects to put in our rain stick some of us combined 2 types  and some of us used all types of objects. We used different paper to cover the ends of our tubes, we had to think carefully about not leaving any holes.

We all really enjoyed making our rain sticks. Tomorrow we want to decorate our rain sticks and on Friday we want to listen to each others and have competitions. Like who’s can role the furthest, who’s is he heaviest and who’s is the loudest!

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