Listening to the rain. Photographer Bodhi

As part of our weather topic we decided to make rain sticks but now we had to think about what was going to make the rain sound. To research this we listened to different instruments that made sounds similar to rain. We listened and looked at different kinds of rain sticks, rain drums, bells and a cabasca.

RAINSTICKS and igloos Bodhi 074 RAINSTICKS and igloos Bodhi 071 RAINSTICKS and igloos Bodhi 072

We had a go at listening to the instruments and talked about what they sounded like and what made the sounds. We really liked the big drum it had lots of silver balls in it, it could sound like rain, thunder storms and big waves in the sea.


We thought about the different things we could put in our tubes that would move and make rain sound. We made a list

  • rice
  • pebbles
  • tiny stones
  • pasta
  • beads
  • small metal balls

So tomorrow we are gong to start thinking about putting in our rain sounds and how to keep the rain stick sealed!

Our investigation brains will be on full power.


Bodhi was the Photographer this afternoon he took photos of what we were learning and pictures of his classmates exploring.

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