Mystery Reader – A Giant Chicken?

With the success of last weeks Mystery Reader their was high expectations this week!


Miss Irwin is glad to report that we were definitely not disappointed. As when Theo opened the shed this afternoon he had a bit of a shock!

Sat inside the shed was a GIANT CHICKEN!

Congleton Library 015


Luckily it wasn’t a real giant chicken, when we took off the mask we found out it was Trevor, Ben’s friend from Congleton Garden Centre.

Trevor brought one of his Favourite stories “The smartest Giant in Town” written by Julia Donaldson. It was actually Ben’s book. Trevor said his favourite part was when the Giants trousers fell down because the Giant had given his belt to a dog to cross a bog!


Congleton Library 014                              


We all really enjoyed the story. Thank you Trevor for coming. 🙂


There are still time slots to sign up for the mystery reader. Look on the Parents notice board in the classroom for the sign up sheet. If you can’t make it on a Wednesday but would like to come and be a mystery Reader we can be flexible and change the days for you. Little brothers and sisters are welcome to come too!

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