Congleton Garden Centre

On Thursday the 13th December Class Jonah got to visit Congleton Garden Centre.


When we got there we saw all the real life Christmas trees. We measured ourselves against the Christmas tress to see if we were bigger or smaller then tried to find one the same size as us!

We had a fantastic tour from Ben who showed us all the things In the Garden centre that people can buy to help keep their garden tidy or to decorate it!

Ben showed us the Shop which had all sorts of exciting things to buy. From home grown vegetables, nice cheeses and smelly soaps!



After the tour we went into the cafe to make our Christingles! We were very good at understanding what the different parts represented and were very good at stabbing our oranges with cocktail sticks!


After wed made our Chris tingles we had a very nice surprise, we were allowed to plant our own bulbs with the help of Rob. Using stones, soil and bulbs. We learnt the bulbs were daffodils and if we look after them they should come out in spring. We got to put ribbons on the pots to make them look pretty.


As an extra special treat we also got a gingerbread man to take home and the mummies and teachers got some very special bubble bath bombs!


We cant thank Ben and his family enough for what a lovely morning we had.

One response to “Congleton Garden Centre

  1. From Erin.

    I have been watering the bulbs with my daddy to make sure that they grow. The leaves are now popping through the soil and pebbles. We have sent a photo to Miss Irwin to show the class.


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