Our first full day trip!

What a fantastic trip to Legoland we had! We got to go through the factory to see how Lego went from grains, to legoo, to being squashed by a super strong machine that was as heavy as 36 elephants. From the machine we all got our very own piece of Lego.

We got to walk through the small Lego world of the North West! Miss Irwin did think it was strange that someone at Lego thought the Etihad was a worthwile building to replicate! Where as Old Trafford looked amazing next to Little Coronation Street!




We got to experience how to make Tall Towers with Geoff. He set us competitions to make the tallest towers, then he made our tables have an earthquake, so our towers fell down! We learnt how to make our bricks overlap so our towers were stronger! We made our towers wider at the bottom like pyramids and it really did make our towers stronger! Geoff still made our towers fall down with a strong earthquake but the second time our towers were much stronger and we had parts that didn’t even fall apart!


The adults didn’t get competitive at all during the tower competitions or during the tidying up! 🙂


After lunch we got the chance to watch a 4D film. The wind blew in our hair, the rain sprayed in our faces, smoke from the fire came around us and the snow fell down on us! It was brilliant!

In our groups we got to explore different things we could do with Lego. We made cars and tested them on the speed ramps and tall ramps. We drove giant Lego cars to catch the robbers, went in the fire station and played in the large soft Lego bricks. Some of us tried making our own tall towers on the vibrating plates. The girls made things with girl coloured Lego and we kept going back to the small world Legoland to see the fireworks around the Blackpool Tower! Miss Kippen and some of the children even went flying on the Wizard ride and Miss Kippen wasn’t sick! :S

Quotes of the day!

“I love Lego!” said Erin

“I like girl lego” said Olivia

“This is the best trip!” said Bohdi

“The best trip I’ve ever been on!” said Mrs Godwin

“So much fun and learning it was brilliant!” said Miss Kippen

“We were the best at making tall towers and got the record for the quickest class to tidy up all the bricks!” said Miss Irwin


All the children and adults had so much fun, we hardly had any energy left to stay awake on the bus on the way home!

DSCF5184 DSCF5182 DSCF5183

One response to “Legoland

  1. I’ll second that, a fun day had by all. I must also comment how beautifully behaved all the children were especially my group! Louise Goodier


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