No Miss Irwin tomorrow

Tomorrow Miss Irwin is going on a course. So we will be having Mrs Turner instead.

We will have to show her how we do our phonics, where our carpet spaces are and how we have been learning about Stick Man.

Mrs Arkle and Miss Kippen will be in school to help any mummies or daddies with any queries.

Miss Irwin has told us she will ring at lunch time to check on us, to make sure we are being super good and have big brains!

Miss Irwin will also be on the same course on Monday. On Monday Mrs Irwin (Miss Irwin’s mummy) will be teaching us. We have met her before because she comes in and helps us.

If there are any questions please ask Miss Irwin.

Stick Man

Today we have been planning how to make our very own stick man.

We started by watching the story being retold on youtube.


We looked at the different parts of Stick man, he had-arms, eyes, a nose, fingers, legs and a smile.

Then we sat down to design him. Some of us decided we didn’t just want to do Stick Man that we would do stick man’s wife Stick Lady love instead.

Look at our designs.


Tomorrow we are going to get our materials to make our stick people. We will mainly need sticks!

Tonight in our bags Miss Irwin put in our FREE booktime bags. Every year Reception class children get them to give parents ideas and support with reading.

We can keep these and do not need to bring them into school as they are a gift.


There was also a letter in our bags about our assembly next week. We need to wear coloured tops to help with our costumes. Please have a look here at Assembly clothes and props if you are not sure.

Any problems please let Miss Irwin know.

Maths games

To wake us up this morning we did playdoh disco! It was briiliant. We can not wait for the next open morning to show our parents how to do it!
After our wake up the morning was all about our maths skills. We practised our new double – 2 add 2 equals 4.

2 add 2 makes 4We can do this with our fingers.
We also practised our body numbers, we love doing this.

Then we did careful counting of two groups of objects. Miss Irwin showed us how to count larger amounts. We can put them together and count them all, or we can count the first group then continue to count the second group. It depends which we find easiest.

We all got to play some kind of game today that made our maths brains even bigger!

Some of us played dominoes, some snakes and ladders. We also had our counting worksheets out that Year 1’s do , as well as the dice box. We loved all the different dice. We even counted our camels and wrote down how many we had. Very big brains!



In P.E this afternoon we played team games Continue reading

Numbers, numbers in a line!

This week we have been learning about our body numbers.

We have 1 head, 2 hands, 5 fingers on each hand. To hands with 5 fingers makes 10. We know we have 2 feet with 5 toes each. We know that 10 fingers and 10 toes makes 20!

Miss Irwin has been teaching us about doubles this week, but we are not allowed to tell anyone as that’s big brain maths that older children in Mrs Hodder’s class do! We are so clever, some of our brains started oozing out of our noses today!

1 add 1 makes 2

To practise our number recognition and careful counting we have been making loom band bracelets, playing car games to see who’s car went the furthest-Jack won his car went all the way to number 34!

We have also been using our stampers,  writing our numbers with chalks, as well as playing a Superworm game with Mrs Arkle,  using a dice.

It’s all about writing

We have been practising our writing in many different ways. Look we’ve been doing outside phonics thinking about our letter formation and how to blend to write words. We used big chalks, paint brushes, squirty bottles and ribbons.

Then we started writing our labels. We went label spotting around school then wrote our own for things in and around our classroom. We are so clever our brains were on fire!

To finish off our writing for the day we used our new whiteboards and pens to practise our writing.

Harvest Wakes Service 12th October-Farmers costume

We are all invited to the annual school and parish Harvest wakes service. This years service is themed around food and how farmers help to grow food. Which is why this year we have a dress theme- come as a farmer.

Our costumes of farmers can be as simple or extreme as we wish. A hat and wellies will do if we don’t want to dress up lots. We have to remember to bring some kind of food with us-in a tin or fresh so we can give it to people who are homeless.

During the service we will be singing our songs we have practised. Below are the songs  if you want to practice them at home with us.